Enrolling in courses

You can participate in courses here as either a guest or as a student.

Guest access

Guest access allows you to view most course material, but you won't be able to participate in most other course activities, such as quizzes.

To visit the site as a guest, click the "Login" link, and then click "Login as a guest".

Student access

Student access allows you to participate in all course activities, including quizzes.

You need to have an account to enrol in any course as a student. To create an account, click the "Login" link, and then follow the instructions under "Is this your first time here?" to create an account. You will need an email account for this.

Before creating an account, please read our privacy policy.

Upgrading from guest to student

If you have started out visiting this site as a guest and then want to particpiate as a student, you may need to upgrade your enrolment in any courses you have previously visited. To do this, log in, then go to your course (or courses) and click on the "Enrol me in this course" link under "Course administration" in the Settings box on the side of the page.

Course icons

In the list of available courses on the front page of this site, each course description ends with icons which indicate the sort of access you can have.

Guest access icon- Guest access to this course is allowed

Self-enrolment icon - Self-enrolment allowed. Once you have an account you can enrol yourself in this course for free

PayPal enrolment icon - Enrolment in this course requires payment via PayPal

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