Decide in advance what sort of food you're going to provide and when. It can be a good idea to plan for food to be served about an hour after the doors open. This gives stragglers a chance to arrive and for conversation to get started.

Don't provide heavy food, multi-course meals or cake. After a big meal or heavy food people won't want to play.

Barbeque is OK. In fact, a barbeque can be quite effective socially as the male dominants may gather around it to play with the fire and show their cooking prowess, while female submissives may sit around and talk about their dominants or prepare bread, salads or pasta.

Alternatively, you may just want to provide something lighter and simpler such as potato crisps, party pies, salad, fruit and sandwiches.

Ordering in food can be an option. Pizza is a common choice, and if you're adventurous you could order in Asian food. For a bigger or fancier party you may want to get a caterer.

If there's a kitchen, will you use it? What sort of food will you be cooking? Who is going to cook? Some submissives are happy to come early and do some cooking. Who is going to be keeping an eye on the party guests during the cooking?

In regards to food, even if it's pizza and soft drink, make there is sufficient to go around, that there’s sufficient variety, and that there are alternatives for non-pizza eaters---maybe yoghurt or salad.

In your emails to potential guests, in advertisements or other invitations, mention what sort of food you'll be providing so your guests can decide to feed themselves beforehand if they're wanting something more substantial or something appropriate to their diet. This particular applies to guests who are diabetics, whose religious faith requires particular foods, or who are simply trying to lose weight.

Estimating the amount of food and drink you'll need will be challenging because it is going to depend on the sort of food and drink you get, the weather conditions (people drink more when it's hot), and how energetic everyone is at the party. As an extremely rough guide:
  • A medium-sized pizza will be enough for two or three people,
  • One whole chicken also feeds one or two people,
  • One large bottle of soft drink will be enough for about five people,
  • One bread roll per person,
  • One pound of uncooked pasta (around 500g) will yield enough when cooked for about four people, not including sauce or toppings,
  • One quarter to one pound of meat (150g to 500g) per person depending on amount of bone
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