Opening the doors. The party begins

When the time comes to open the doors and the first guests arrive, the difficulties involved in organising and preparing for the party should be behind you. Everything else should run by clockwork. Should. Of course, it never does. However, if you have a good set of house rules then many of the problems which crop up will already have answers in those rules.

If you're expecting more than a few guests you should have a designated meeter-and-greeter on duty. They should be waiting at the door, or be ready to go to the door, as the guests arrive. Either give them a guest list, or keep a guest list at the door, for them to tick off as they arrive. If people are paying to attend, use this list to record who has paid and how much.

The meeter-and-greeter should hand out copies of the house rules to the guests as they arrive. If your venue is a more than a few rooms then a map attached to the house rules can be a good idea because you can use it to tell your guests what you intend to happen in each of the rooms by putting labels on the map such as "flogging room", "raving orgy room", "chill-out room with TV", "toilet", "food", "drink", and so on.

You can also use a map to show which rooms are out-of-bounds. This is useful if you're running the party in your own home and want to exclude people from, say, your private bedroom. Out-of-bounds areas should have clear signs on them as well.

If you don't include a map then your meeter-and-greeter should briefly explain where things are to the guests as they arrive.

Activate your helpers

Once the guests start to arrive then your helpers need to start performing their duties. If you have a dungeon monitor then they probably won't be called upon straight away because few people arrive ready to play straight away. This can take a couple of hours to start.

Other helpers, such as those carrying around drinks and nibblies, or those cleaning up cups and plates, can start straight away.

Follow the plan---which you have, of course, prepared in advance after thinking about all the things that have been mentioned in this course so far.

Food delivery

If you're having food delivered during the course of the party, such as pizza, or if you are having caterers deliver food, you must make sure that there's someone in non-fetish clothing available to take delivery.

Consent is a key part of BDSM play, and when the food delivery arrives someone opening the door half-dressed, cross-dressed, puppy-dressed or leather-clad involves the delivery person non-consensually in your BDSM party. It might be a giggle, but it does violate this core principle of BDSM. Remember that consent applies equally to people who are just incidentally involved or who are just passing by.
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