Before opening the doors

On the day of the party---and before you open the doors to guests---there are some last-minute purchases to be made and some preparation of the venue to perform.
  • Buy party ice, if required
  • Buy milk for coffee. Note that you'll probably need a number of different types of milk: full cream, skim, soy, etc.
  • Buy anything else which needs to be fresh, such as bread

Welcoming your guests

Make sure you or your meeter-and-greeter have handy:
  • Your house rules,
  • Your guest list

Play area preparation

Make sure each of the play areas is clean.

In each of the play areas lay out plenty of lube, condoms, disinfectant, tissues and towels. Be generous with rubbish bins and a sharps containers, at least one of each per play room.

Attach pens and clipboards or pieces of paper to the doors of each play area so that people can put their names down to "book" the room.

Socialising areas

Rubbish bins.

Put out clean plates and napkins.

Lay out the coffee and biscuits so that people can serve themselves. You will still need someone to go around at intervals (depending on the size of the party), to top up the biscuits, add water to the hot-water device, and clean up cups and plates.

Eating area

  • Table cloths
  • Lay out pre-food snacks
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins / serviettes
  • Cutlery, forklery and spoonlery
  • Cups
  • Salt, pepper, sauces


Set up the bin, tub or esky filled with ice for the soft drinks and bottled water.

Your guests may bring their own drinks, so you'll need to have somewhere to keep them cold. If you're having more than a handful of guests add another bin or tub with ice for this.

Stock the fridge with whatever the fridge is supposed to be stocked with.

Prepare the shower or washing area with plenty of soap and a stock of towels. Make sure there's a hamper ready for the used towels.

Make sure the changing room is ready, and that there is space where people can leave their bags and clothes. Coat-hangers?
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