The days leading up to the party

Stock up on consumables:
  • Sexual lubricant. Even if there's no sex people might still like to stick things in holes
  • Condoms. The things which go in holes (such as dildos) may well be best "under cover" to make cleaning just a matter of throwing the condom away
  • Disinfectant for scratches, scrapes, abrasions, cuts and so on
  • Liquid soap and dispensers
  • Tissues for wiping up the smaller messes
  • Towels for drying off sweat and bigger messes
  • One or more hampers for the used towels
  • Disposable paper towels and bins to throw them in
  • Biscuits
  • Coffee. Be nice to your guests and get decent coffee.
  • Tea. Get a selection and include herbal tea
  • Snacks, potato crisps, nuts
  • Soft drinks
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic cups for soft drink, foam cups for coffee and tea
  • Ice and buckets for it
  • Bottled water. Water is vital to prevent dehydration during and after heavy or intense scenes. Maybe buy lots of the smallest-sized bottles of mineral water you can find and keep them on ice
  • Trauma shears to free someone from a rope tie in an emergency.
  • Knives
  • Bandages
  • First-aid kit
  • Headache tablets and pain-killers. Every party should have these, even if pain is not the name of the game
  • Candles, matches
  • Fire extinguisher for those doing fire play. Some like it as a party trick to show off and it can be quite powerful psychologically in this regard
Organise when the helpers will arrive and what they'll bring with them? Rope? Food? Cleaning stuff? Uniforms?

This last item in the preceding paragraph, uniforms, is worth expanding on. Some submissives or bottoms may well have uniforms or outfits well-suited to party duty already in their collection and may be very keen to use them. This can include french maids outfits, for example. Encouraging your helpers to wear their own uniforms can be a very good thing to do. It adds to your helpers' own pleasure and can add colour to the party itself for the other guests.

Towels, soap, optional shower. BDSM can be a hot-and-sweaty affair and some people might want or need a wash or shower afterwards. Many bathrooms contain both a shower and a toilet, so keep in mind that while one person (or couple) are having a shower that you're one toilet down.

You will need bins for general rubbish. One per room is a very good idea, particularly for room where people congregate---such as play spaces and anywhere there's a couch. If you don't provide enough bins you'll be finding soft drink cans, used paper plates and various other items scattered around your house or venue, behind furniture and who knows where else, for weeks.

As well as a sufficient number of bin for general rubbish, you'll probably need sharps containers for needle or knife play (also arrange to dispose of it afterwards)

If you are going to provide cool drinks and you don't have a refridgerator big enough, then use party ice and large buckets, garbage bins, plastic storage containers or even a bath tub.

Create a guest list and include details of who owes how much. Give the list to the meeter-and-greeter when the doors open. Alternately, arrange for an "arrivals desk" where each person pays as they arrive, are shown the house rules, get a map of the venue, and are shown the changing room.

Organise the dungeon monitor and other helpers. When do they arrive? What do they wear? What do they actually do? Make their duties clear.

Arrange ambience. Consider lighting and try not to make it too bright. It's nice if you can turn the brightness down. Supply mood videos (The Story of O?) if you're going to be running a TV, or music in a private room or just playing quietly in the play space.

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