Sending out invitations or advertising

With the type of party determined and the venue secure it's time to send out invitations to your hand-selected guests, to start advertising the party or both. If you already know who you'd like to come along then you don't need to advertise, of course; just send them email invitations by email or ring them up.

When you contact people about the party say:
  • What the guests must provide and what is provided. Do they need to bring their own toys? Their own rope? Are there some toys or equipment provided?
  • Is this a singles party? A party for established couples? Are you doing anything to balance the numbers of dominants and submissives? Of males and females?
  • Is this a party for experienced BDSM folk? Are you expecting extreme play or heavy play?
  • If money needs to be paid and, if so, how much and when (e.g., in advance, on the night, etc.)
  • What the standard of dress will be. Street clothes? Fetish clothes? All black? Formal evening-wear?
Try to make available in advance a copy of the house rules to everyone who will be attending.

Email a general party guide to all the guests: how to get to the venue, trains, taxis, buses, where to park, start and end time, what they need to bring, whether they should arrive in street clothes and then change or whether they can arrive in fetish clothing, changing facilities provided, considerations for the neighbours, limiting noise while out on the street, etc.

If you advertise and your venue is a private house or apartment, don't include the address in the ad, just mention the suburb and then give out the address to the guests you accept.
Last modified: Monday, 10 October 2011, 4:42 PM