Money is a topic which will crop up sooner or later. It comes down to asking do you want to foot the bill for the party on your own, or do you want your guests to contribute?

If you want your guests to contribute, do you want them to make a donation as they see fit? Do you want the money they pay to simply cover your costs? Do you want to turn a profit and maybe use it to buy new equipment or toys for your next party? Do you want BDSM and parties to become your main source of income? Are you hoping to become a BDSM party mogul?

When your guests start paying, then your parties, and your attitude towards them, necessarily needs to change. Your guests will reasonably expect something for the money they've paid. You need to consider what value you are providing for their money.

At the low end of the scale you may ask each guest to make a small donation as they arrive.

At the higher end of the scale you may want to sell tickets. How much you charge is going to depend on what you provide in terms of equipment, venue, food, drinks, stage show, overnight accommodation, and the type of guests who attend.

At its simplest, you can work out how much money you actually spend and divide it by the number of guests. This doesn't include intangibles however, and certainly doesn't include paying you and your helpers for the time you all work. This may be something you're all prepared to contribute for free to help your local BDSM community or to provide an environment in which you can all play. This is something you need to decide.

When you do sell tickets or charge people to attend, keep in mind the subject of refunds. If you can't run your party due to some unexpected circumstance---such as water pipes bursting in the venue---then you have to be prepared to give back the money people have already paid.
Last modified: Monday, 10 October 2011, 4:42 PM