Let us start out by assuming, quite reasonably, that at a typical play party a scene in one of the play spaces may last from 20 to 45 minutes, after which another couple will be able take over the space.

Let us also assume that you have organised a play party where you will be providing food and drinks. There are three main play areas available.

If you serve the food and drinks an hour after opening the doors, you'll find that few guests will want to play before eating and will instead prefer to chat with others and generally socialise. Play may only get started about 30 minutes after people finish eating.

On top of this, not everyone will want to play. Many will be happy to merely socialise, or to cruise around the party in their fetish clothing and flirt, or to watch others while they play, or to sit and watch the TV, or to tell war stories about the "submissive that got away", or to exchange play ideas. You actually may only get 30% to 50% of the people playing in the equipped play areas.

Once people start playing, this may go on for only about two to three hours and then everyone will start to wind down.

Given this sort of scenario, how many people are likely to actually play?

How long after the first guests arrive is play likely to begin in earnest?

How long after doors-open would be a good time for the party to end?

If you've already started drawing up a plan for your party, how does your plan fit with the above scenario? Where do they differ?

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