When to have your party

You need to choose the best time for your party with a few things in mind:
  • Avoid other BDSM events for the same day or for the day before or after. Most folk will only attend one BDSM per weekend and use the rest of the weekend to recover or do other necessary things. Don't set yourself up so your are competing.
  • Avoid evenings when there are national or state elections, or big sporting events. Surprisingly, many BDSM folk want to be able watch these events as they happen and half-naked people ready and willing to be tied up or flog simply can't compete. If you can't avoid the conflict---such as when the election is called after you've announced your party, or the sporting event is moved from its original date to the date of your party---make sure you have a TV set up in some quiet space.
  • Consider baby-sitters. Either you and your partner, or some of your guests, may need to organise a baby-sitter for the night of your party. It might be wise to consult with some of your child-endowed expected guests before you set the date so they can make sure they can come along.
Friday and Saturday evenings are good for BDSM play parties as they allow at least the next day for recovery before most people have to go back to work.

Last modified: Monday, 10 October 2011, 4:42 PM