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    Recently-captured naked lady
    A recently captured naked lady ready for transport

    Looking at naked ladies has been a pursuit of roughly half of the human population since the times when dating involved the use of a club and dragging potential mates into a cave.

    For many practitioners of the art it can be a lifelong interest. For some of these it is merely an opportunistic activity: naked lady appears, look at same. For others it can be a more active and can involve planning, technology, and even teamwork.

    On top of this, those that pursue naked ladies are in two camps. The majority are those who merely observe the naked ladies and let them proceed on their way. But at the same time there is a significant minority who capture, restrain, and even domesticate the naked ladies they find.

    The goal of this course is to give you a general introduction to the subject of looking at naked ladies, to look at past and present activities, to give you an overview of the nature and behaviours of naked ladies, and, finally, to give you some ideas and strategies to help you either improve your existing naked lady observing skills, or to help you take your first steps into this fascinating area.

    The course will end with an exam to test what you have learned, but students who successfully complete this course should note that no life credits will be awarded.

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    Looking at naked ladies
    Recognising a naked lady
    A history of naked ladies
    A history of finding naked ladies
    Behaviour and habitats
    Hunting and capturing naked ladies
    Tricks of naked ladies


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  • Recognising a naked lady

    Looking at naked ladies is not always as easy as it sounds. Beyond finding a naked lady to look at, one of the major difficulties is recognising that what you are seeing is, in fact, a lady and that she is naked. This isn't always obvious.

    In this lesson we start out with some vital basic principles on how to recognise a naked lady, and then develop these principles with numerous examples. We also include a few of the gotchas—either situations where you might think you have a naked lady but actually haven't, and situations where you have a naked lady but don't realise it.

  • Looking at naked ladies

    Looking at naked ladies is quite a rich area of study with many aspects. In this lesson we'll be quickly looking at many of these, including practical difficulties and challenges with recognition in real life. It is, of course, a very different thing to observe a naked lady in the wild as opposed to observing one in a controlled laboratory environment. This lesson has a selection of interesting situations to get you thinking.

  • A history of naked ladies

    Men have look at naked ladies for as long, or longer, than records have been kept.

    In many periods of history it was not only common to record encounters with naked ladies, but also to memorialise them in some visual form. Let's have a look at a few.

  • A history of finding naked ladies

    As noted earlier, sometimes looking at naked ladies is a passive activity where a man would simply look at the naked ladies he encounters in his normal course of daily affairs. On the other hand, for some men looking at naked ladies is an active affair, something they deliberately pursue.

    In fact, sometimes this becomes a passion and many discoveries completely unrelated to naked ladies have been made on the backs of hunts for naked ladies. The discoveries of Bali and pole-dancing are examples of this, both of which would probably remain unknown to this very day were it not for the efforts of past naked lady expeditioners.

    In this lesson we take a quick look at some of the history of these early naked lady adventurers.

  • Behaviour and habitats

    When you have a serious interest in observing or finding naked ladies, it can be very useful to have an understanding of some of the more common behaviours and habitats of naked ladies. Having this understanding can help you know when to focus your attention on your surroundings, and when you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are not likely to miss any naked ladies who might appear.

  • Hunting and capturing naked ladies

    The opportunistic observing of naked ladies is often enough for many. Some people, however, choose to actively increase their chances of observing naked ladies by pursuing strategies to find or lure them out of hiding. A few, once they have found naked ladies, may even attempt to capture them.

    Let's have a look at some ways this is done.

  • The tricks of naked ladies

    Looking at naked ladies isn't always a straightforward affair. One of the things which can complicate matters is that the naked ladies themselves may not be as cooperative as men would like.

    As they go about their own affairs, what the naked ladies may do might not align with the men who are trying to look at them. On top of this, some naked ladies deliberately make efforts to avoid being looked at.

    In this topic we look at some of the things which naked ladies may do which gets in the way of men wanting to look at them.

  • Conclusion / final exam

    To end this course we have a final exam to see how well you have studied, and we've got a quick feedback questionnaire to help us improve the course.

    Thanks you for participating in this course, and we look forward to seeing you again.